Cykelreparationer - Umeå

Bicycle repairs

Since our start in 1982, we have gained extensive experience and great knowledge of bicycles and what spare parts you need for your bike. We gained our knowledge by attending classes and by our own mistakes.

Our ambition is to have your bike not in our workshop for more than 24 hours. What we unfortunately cannot take on are electric bicycles that have not been purchased from us since we have no contact with other importers or manufacturers. If you have imported your electric bicycle, we may not be able to assist you with spare parts.

Other than that, we take on all bikes regardless of brand.


Bicycle rental

We rent regular bicycles for 120 SEK/day and electric bicycles for 300 SEK/day. Obviously it gets cheaper per day the longer you rent. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in renting a bike instead of buying.

Bicycle parts

Since we work primarily with the brands Ideal and Skeppshult, we get hold of most spare parts. We also have access to a lot from the Shimano brand, parts, which are used in many other bike brands. Brands we handle most: Shimano, Nokia, Schwalbe.

Spare parts for mopeds

The brand "Cykel och Mopedhandlaren" has been around since its inception, but the moped business has more or less been discontinued. We do not sell or repair mopeds anymore. However, we still have some spare parts for mopeds.