About us

Om oss

Cykel och mopedhandlaren i Umeå started Luciadagen in 1982. We started on main street 82 and continued to kungsgatan 86. The year was 1986. There our story began on a serious basis. The company grew with new employees and new bicycle brands. Mustang, Skeppshult, Miyata, Bianchi, Crescent and DBS.

In 1995, we moved to the current address. In 1998 we started a wholesale company - "Cycloma". There we started selling to other stores in Northern Sweden. At a trade fair visit in Cologne (Germany), we came into contact with the bicycle brand Ideal. A collaboration began. We handled the sales in Sweden. At the samt time, we started several stores in Northern Sweden, for example in Luleå, in Skellefteå, in the western part of Umeå as well as a new co-ownership in a store in Holmsund.

The property we use now was for sale. We bought it and expanded with approximately 100 m2. As time went on, we realized that several stores and property ownership were not right for us. We dismantled and focused on core business - Cykel & Moped Umeå and Cykloma. The years went by and my companion Thomas Hernqvist wanted to step down so we sold Cykloma to Jönköping's "Cytech". Cytech handles the brand Ideal today.

Today I am alone because of my colleague's passing.

Håkan Hägglöf