Our bikes

Cykelreparationer - Umeå

Our bikes

We sell the Swedish brand Skeppshult as well as the European brand Ideal.

Skeppshult has bicycles from children to adults. They are mostly aimed at "ordinary" people, ie do not have Racer or Mountain Bike. Bicycles for disabled and special models are also their special area. Skeppshult today is regarded as a highly ranked brand.

Ideal is aimed at "ordinary" people as well as those who want good racing bikes and good MTB bikes. They are manufactured in Europe and the importer is located in Jönköping under the name Cytech.

Elcyklar - Umeå

Electric bicycles

Both Skeppshult and Ideal have electric bicycles. We have chosen to work with electric bikes equipped with the Shimano STEPS system. The reason is spare parts management. Bikes with Shimano STEPS are more expensive but are significantly more reliable.